Playtime Pinball Machine by Chicago Coin

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All in all it’s a really fun machine, beautifully designed and packed with nostalgia. 
Approx Dimensions: (H) 190cm x (W) 70cm x (L) 140cm
Manufacturer: Chicago Coin Manufacturing Company
Made in the USA
Year: 1968
Fully restored and in superb condition
Original, unique theme
3 pop bumpers

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This fully restored 1968 ‘Playtime’ pinball table was created by the Chicago Coin Manufacturing Company. With two flippers, 3 pop bumpers and 4 kick-out holes it’s very typical of the era, and its characteristic stencilled cabinet design will also be instantly recognisable to anyone who’s familiar with pinballs from the period.

The table can accommodate one or two players and the theme, in so far as we can work it out, centres around high jinks in a gentleman’s night club. 

In today’s more enlightened world Bunny Girls in night clubs might not be the first choice of subject for a pinball table but the illustrations are very much of their time, both in terms of the subject matter and the artwork style!

This incredibly rare table, designed by Al Schlappa, Jerry Koci and John Gore, is perfect for anyone seeking a shameless evocation of the swinging sixties nightlife!


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